Course Summary + Q&A

This masterclass recording includes a summary of Stick To Success, and then a Q&A session where we answered students' remaining questions.

Ready to take your sticker shop to the next level? Grab our Stick To Success: Course Summary + Q&A recording, where students were able to ask all their remaining unanswered questions!

What You'll Learn

  1. A course overview of everything we covered in the S2S program
  2. Putting a reward system in place on Etsy & Shopify
  3. Effectively utilizing call to action prompts
  4. How to fulfill and process an order in Etsy
  5. Creating listings for a-la-carte options for products
  6. How to pace new product releases while balancing life
  7. When to expand from Etsy to your own website/Shopify
  8. What "staying true to your brand" actually looks like
  9. Should you release non-sticker products as well?
  10. Why you shouldn't just make stickers you like

Take action now to transform your sticker shop and unlock its full potential!  

***This is a recording of a 60+ minutes live lecture from our Stick To Success program. English subtitles available. There are no opportunities to ask questions inside this offer.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at [email protected].

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